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Missing thumbnail

Are you missing the bike image in the thumbnail of the first 3 pages but you can see it on the last page?

No Thumbnail

The reason is probably the url of your images. The thumbnail can not display images with blanks in the url.

Here is what you can do to fix it.

1. Remove blanks from your url

Typically the spaces can be found in bike name. You can use '_' or '-' to separate words. Instead of using example bike,

you could use

2. Encode the blanks

You can also encode blanks in the image url right before you pass ist to our widget. There are many ways to accomplish this. This is one example:

const newImageUrl = oldImageUrl.replace(new RegExp(" ", "gm"), "%20");

The difference should look like this.

Before: example bike



If you are still having trouble to display the thumbnail image, please contact