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Add Update widget function


Almost every shop uses product variants. If your shop uses product variants on the product page (e.g. different colors, different frame shapes etc.) make sure to udpate the button configuration to request always the correct product code.

Depending on the shop system you might need to use our helper function updatewidgetConfigurations

Check if product variant is udpated correctly

  1. Select first variant and open the developer tools in your browser.
  2. Make sure the image shown in the widget matches the selected variant.
  3. Click through the widget until you see the recommended size.
  4. Find the requested product code in the developer tools and make sure it matches the selected variant. Check requested code
  5. Close the widget.
  6. Select another product variant and repeat the steps 2-4.

If your shop system does not update the button configuration automatically on a variant change (requested code in step 4 does not match with selected variant after variant change) you need to setup our helper function that you will find here. This function should be fired on variant change.