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Backup Sizing


Backup Sizing is our generic sizing solution for cases where bicycle product codes are not found in our database. This allows you to provide your customers with tailored recommendations for frame size and fit in the respective bicycle category, even with limited information. A reliable solution for an enhanced customer experience. Backup Sizing is activated by default.

How it works

Once Backup Sizing is enabled for your API account, if a product code is not found in our database, the user will still see the button. When the user clicks on the button, the initial screen is different. Since we don't have information about the bike's category, the user must select one.

Backup Sizing categories

The subsequent steps, including input for body height, inseam length, arm length, and ride style preference, remain the same as for the standard widget. On the results screen, the user receives a clear recommendation for the frame size in centimeters, along with a note that this result may fall within a specific range depending on the manufacturer."

Backup Sizing categories


With Backup Sizing activated there will be no sizingUnavailable event triggered. Therefore the corresponding callback function is not executed.