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How to show recommendations to customers

You must have wondered when recommendations are displayed to customers in the first place. This happens for two main reasons:

1. The customer is too small or too big for the bike

There might be a chance for smaller or larger people, that there is no suitable frame of their desired bike. But if you have other bikes which matches their body height, the button Show me fitting bikes will appear and leads to our recommendations.

Show me fitting bikes

2. The bike is not available in your shop

Of course, there is also the possibility that the desired bike is not available in your store. There are two ways for you to provide our widget this information:

First, the checkIsAvailable callback.This function provides the highest accuracy, but requires a little bit of implementation effort on your side. For further information, just click on the function name.

Second, the feed information. If the checkIsAvailable function is not implemented on your side, we'll check the availability from your product feed. There should be a column, which defines the availability or stock. If it is a number greater than 0 or the value in stock it will be interpreted as in_stock. Everything else will be interpreted as out_of_stock and will show the button Show me available bikes which leads to our recommendations.

Show me available bikes