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How does the Recommendation Engine work

Initial situation

The recommended size for the desired bike of the customer is out of stock.

Show Alternatives

Based on the entered body data of the customer we will first take a look on what type of bike the desired bike of the customer is. We do not separate only road bike, mountain bike etc. but more detailed categories like

  • MTB Marathon CC
  • MTB Trail
  • MTB Downhill
  • ...
  • Trekking City Holland
  • Trekking City Fitness
  • Trekking City Tour
  • ... and many more

The bikes are categorized in our database. Therefore the category in your product feed is not relevant for us. Further relevant attributes of the filter are

  • frame shape
  • gender
  • E-Bike
  • Wheel Diameter
  • Price

Finally we do a sizing for each bike that meets most criteria and is in stock in your product feed. We then sort these bikes with a combination of criteria fulfillment and similar price and display a maximum of 10 alternatives to the customer.

Good to know

Even if the price is not transmitted via the price attribute, we can often find the price of the desired bike from the product feed. In many cases, bikes that are no longer in stock do not appear in the product feed. So how do you know the price? Often the bike is not out of stock in every size, so we check if one of the sizes of the bike you want is available in the product feed and consider that price .