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Requirements for Recommendation Engine


Our Recommendation Engine is 100% dependent on data quality and all product data being up to date on the customer side. The following are the critical points:

  1. The product data feed provided by the customer should match the inventory on the website. A predetermined breaking point here is, for example, product availability. If a product is "in stock" in the product data feed but at the same time is "sold out" on the website, our recommendation engine will not work correctly. The leading data for the display of availability in the widget are from the product feed.

  2. The product data feed provided by the customer must be updated hourly. This period is our compromise between data quality on the one hand and effort / server power on the other. If the product data feed is only updated daily (or weekly) by the customer, the availability of the products in the feed and on the website will inevitably diverge. Consequence: Recommendation Engine does not work correctly.

  3. The definition of "in stock" must be clear to both sides and identical in the feed/website.