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Product feed


The product feed is mandatory for the functionality of the Recommendation Engine. It is used on the one hand to check if the recommended size is available, and on the other hand for the recommendations in case the bike is not available.


The product feed is always related to an API-key. If you want to use the Recommendation Engine on multiple domains each domain needs to use its own API-Key as the product URL for the alternative bikes will be different for each domain.

We recommend to use the Google shopping feed, as all fields required for us are already mandatory and it's often set up anyway. But of course you can use any other feed as long as it matches the requirements described below.

Feed Requirements


The feed must be a CSV file. The delimiter can be one of the following: Tab, space, colon, bar, comma, semicolon.


The following fields are mandatory:


The feed must contain only bikes. This can be all kind of bikes but no other products like helmets, cloting etc.

Setting up

Once you created the feed in your shop meeting the requirements given above please send the URL to Our team will check the feed and add it to the administration backend. The feed is now matched with our database and synchronized at intervals between 1-24h. You can see the results in the Smartfit Analytics Portal.