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API Details


To open the API details right click on an API and select edit or doubleclick on an API.


Add additional URL parameters

You will find the mapping in the API Details under BikeFeed

Bike Feed Menu

Scroll down until you can see Product URL parameters. Product URL parameters

Available options

You can set one or more product URL parameters if you like. The key name is free of choice. The preselection of available fields for the values are:

  • &{originCode}: originally requested product code
  • &{newCode}: product code of the recommended bike
  • &{bodyHeight}: entered body height of the customer
  • &{inseam}: entered inseam of the customer
  • &{armLength}: entered arm length of the customer
  • &{gender}: selected gender of the customer
  • &{optimizedBodyHeight}: calculated height based on all values
  • &{customId}: whatever you set up in the customId column of the bike feed mapping
  • &{price}: price of the recommended bike
  • &{priceSale}: sale price of the recommended bike

Optional you can add any additional fields from your feed information as well. Additional properties


&{newCode} might be the easiest and most reliable options to identify the bike to select as this is the returned product code.

Add parameters

To add the parameters to the link URL simply add a key value pair and click the plus icon. By default parameters will be added to the URL with a prefixed &. You can replace this by selecting the checkbox Hash which results in adding the properties with an prefixed #. Product URL parameters

Finish with the Save Button. Product URL parameters


Once additional parameters have been mapped and saved links to new tabs from your Recommendation Engine will include these parameters. This might look the following:{variationId}#gtin=&{newCode}

&{variationId} and &{newCode} will be replaced in the widget with the information from your provided feed.

In the Recommendation Engine, this results in the following URL.